General Presentation









The European Network for Intercultural Education Activities (ENIEDA),

The Centre for Research and Innovation in Linguistic Education (CIEL)

of the University of Alba Iulia, Romania


    The Institute for Foreign Languages (IFL) of the University of Montenegro


are organising


The Second International Conference on Linguistic and Intercultural Education (CLIE2)


Herceg Novi, Montenegro, 10-12 June 2010


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Special Theme:

Linguistic and Cultural Diversity within European Learning

Communities: Cross-cultural and Trans-national Perspectives


Within this general thematic schema, the following frameworks and approaches are suggested:


(i) Theoretical/methodological frameworks

Discourse Analysis, Rhetoric and Pragmatics

Second Language Acquisition

Semantics and Stylistics

Contrastive Linguistics

Foreign Language Teaching and Teacher Education


Translating, Interpreting and Mediation

Business Communication

E-education Platforms (and Language Learning)


(ii) Applied/Empirical approaches

Multilingualism and plurilingualism in Europe (and beyond)

European learning communities and national/regional education policies

Multilingual and multicultural literacy as a learning outcome

Intercultural communication in academic and professional settings

Intercultural competence within national curricula and current EU legislation

Empowerment and discrimination through language

Exposing racism and xenophobia

Developing European identity vs. preserving national/regional/local identities

Intercultural communication and multicultural identities



Professor Cornelia Ilie (Malmö, Sweden)                     Dr Igor Lakić (Podgorica, Montenegro)

Dr Svetlana Kurteš (Cambridge, UK)                           Dr Teodora Popescu (Alba Iulia, Romania)



The conference is featuring the following keynote speakers:

Professor Cornelia Ilie, Faculty of Culture and Society, Malmö University, Sweden

Professor Ljiljana Marković, Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Professor Jacques Moeschler, Department of Linguistics, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Professor Itesh Sachdev, Department of Linguistics, SOAS, University of London, UK

Mr Vidosav Stevanović, writer and free lance journalist, Serbia/France



Organising Committee:

Professor Tijana Ašić (Belgrade, Serbia)

Professor Cornelia Ilie (Malmö, Sweden)

Dr Nataša Kostić (Podgorica, Montenegro)

Dr Svetlana Kurteš (Cambridge, UK)

Dr Igor Lakić (Podgorica, Montenegro)

Dr Teodora Popescu (Alba Iulia, Romania)



Scientific Committee:

Professor Tijana Ašić (Belgrade, Serbia)

Professor Carmel Borg (Msida, Malta)

Professor Rodica Chira (Alba Iulia, Romania)

Professor Martin Ehala (Tartu, Estonia)

Professor Giacomo Ferrari (Vercelli, Italy)

Professor Ileana Ghemes (Alba Iulia, Romania)

Professor Grozdanka Gojkov (Vršac, Serbia)

Professor Maurizio Gotti (Bergamo, Italy)

Professor Jagoda Granić (Zagreb, Croatia)

Professor Slobodan Grubačić (Belgrade, Serbia)

Dr Joachim Grzega (Eichstätt, Germany)

Dr Julio Gimenez (Nottingham, UK)

Professor Cornelia Ilie (Malmö, Sweden)

Professor Slobodanka Kitić (Novi Pazar, Serbia)

Dr Nataša Kostić (Podgorica, Montenegro)

Dr Svetlana Kurteš (Cambridge, UK)

Dr Igor Lakić (Podgorica, Montenegro)

Professor Tatiana Larina (Moscow, Russia)

Professor Ivanka Mavrodieva (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Professor Jacques Moeschler (Geneva, Switzerland)

Professor JoAnne Neff (Madrid, Spain)

Professor Slavica Perović (Podgorica, Montenegro)

Professor Rodica Pioariu (Alba Iulia, Romania)

Professor Ecaterina Popa (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

Dr Teodora Popescu (Alba Iulia, Romania)

Professor Itesh Sachdev (London, UK)

Dr Margareth Sandvik (Oslo, Norway)

Professor Shi-xu ( Hangzhou, China)

Dr Alcina Sousa (Funchal, Madeira)

Dr Junichi Toyota (Lund, Sweden)



Languages of the conference are English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.