General Presentation









The Centre for Research and Innovation in Linguistic Education - CIEL,

    The Department of Foreign Languages of the University of Alba Iulia


are organising


The Exploratory Workshop

Linguistic and Intercultural Education in the Process of Europeanisation of Higher Education

Alba Iulia, 21 - 23 May



Main aims:

Setting up the European Network for Intercultural Education Activities - ENIEDA

Identifying means of funding and financing for joint activities from among available sources, especially  EU research programmes

Identifying specific cooperation activities, such as joint academic (MA/Doctoral) programmes and collaborative publication projects

Assessing and improving teacher education/training and higher education policies, practices and programmes, with a focus on pluricultural competencies

Analysing methods of integrating anti-racist and anti-xenophobic dimensions in formal and informal education
Establishing ways of capitalizing on bilingualism and multilingualism in shaping a European identity versus preserving national / regional /ethnic identities


WORKSHOP CHAIR: Teodora POPESCU (University of Alba Iulia)


ENIEDA ( European Network for Intercultural Education Activities) Convener:  Cornelia ILIE (University of Írebro)

LOCAL ORGANISING COMMITTEE:   Ioan Achim MOISE (University of Alba Iulia), Ileana Voichita GHEMES (University of Alba Iulia), Rodica PIOARIU (University of Alba Iulia), Mircea RISTEIU (University of Alba Iulia), Teodora POPESCU (University of Alba Iulia), Gabriel BARBULET (University of Alba Iulia), Carina DUBAN (University of Alba Iulia)



LOCAL SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: Rodica PIOARIU (University of Alba Iulia), Rodica CHIRA (University of Alba Iulia), Virgil STANCIU (University of Cluj-Napoca),  Ecaterina POPA (University of Cluj-Napoca),  Teodora POPESCU (University of Alba Iulia), Marinela GRANESCU (Technical University of Cluj Napoca), Emilia PLACINTAR (University of Cluj-Napoca)

INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: John ADAMSON (Shinshu Honan College, Japan), Magdalena BILA (University of Presov, Slovakia), Mario Brdar (University of Osijek, Croatia), Piotr CAP (University of Lodz, Poland), Helmut Michael DALLER (University of the West of England, UK), Giuliana GARZONE (University of Milan, Italy), Julio GIMENEZ (Middlesex University, UK), Maurizio GOTTI (University of Bergamo, Italy), Jagdish GUNDARA (University of London, UK), Cornelia ILIE (Örebro University, Sweden), Laszlo Komlosi (University of Pecs, Hungary), Svetlana Kurtes (Cambridge University, UK), Mikael LUCIAK (University of Vienna, Austria), Gabriela Missikova (University of Nitra, Slovakia), Agostino Portera (University of Verona, Italy), Renata Povolna (Masaryk University of Brno, Czech Republic), Danica Skara (University of Split, Croatia), Shi-xu (Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China), Igor Zagar (University of Primorska, Ljubljana, Slovenia)



Language of the workshop: English