General Presentation








The Centre for Research and Innovation in Linguistic Education - CIEL,

    The Department of Foreign Languages of the University of Alba Iulia

DialogForum: Cross-cultural dialogue in a pragmatic and rhetorical perspective


are organising


The 1st International Conference on Linguistic and Intercultural Education

Alba Iulia 2008, 27 - 29 November



under the patronage of Leonard Orban, Member of the European Commission responsible for multilingualism


SPECIAL THEME:  Multilingualism and plurilingualism,   Migrants' languages,  Minority languages





(i) Theoretical/methodological frameworks
         Discourse Analysis, Rhetoric and Pragmatics                    á Second Language Acquisition

         Semantics and Stylistics                                                      Foreign Language Teaching and Teacher Education

         Sociolinguistics                                                                   Translating, Interpreting and Mediation

         Contrastive Linguistics                                                        Educational Technology and Language Learning                                      

         Business Communication                                                    



(ii) Applied/Empirical approaches  

ááááááááá Multilingualism and plurilingualism in Europe

ááááááááá European discourses on immigration, migrants and migrant cultures

áááááááá áMultilingual and multicultural literacy

ááááááááá Communication training in multicultural environments

ááááááááá Understanding cross-cultural and cross-European negotiation practices

ááááááááá Developing cross-cultural rhetorical skills

ááááááááá Intercultural communication and multicultural identities


Plenary lecturers will include:

Cornelia Ilie, Beyond the logos of multilingualism: The ethos of rhetoric in intercultural education

Giovanna Campani, Europe and her languages

Roberto Marafioti, Multiculturalism and multilinguism. Generalised dialogism or monologism?

Ecaterina Popa, Languages in a Wider Europe  and  Linguistic Policies

Virgil Stanciu, Recent English Fiction and the Lure of History

CONFERENCE CHAIRS: Cornelia ILIE (University of Írebro) and Teodora POPESCU (University of Alba Iulia)

LOCAL ORGANISING COMMITTEE:   Ileana Voichita GHEMES (University of Alba Iulia), Diana CAMPAN (University of Alba Iulia), Mircea RASTEIU (University of Alba Iulia), Teodora Popescu (University of Alba Iulia)



LOCAL SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: Rodica PIOARIU (University of Alba Iulia), Rodica CHIRA (University of Alba Iulia), Virgil STANCIU (University of Cluj-Napoca),  Ecaterina POPA (University of Cluj-Napoca), Elena Croitoru (University of Galati), Floriana Popescu (University of Galati ), Teodora Popescu (University of Alba Iulia), Marinela GRANESCU (Technical University of Cluj Napoca)
INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: John Adamson (Shinshu Honan College, Japan), Giovanna Campani (University of Florence, Italy), Helmut Michael Daller (University of the West of England, U.K), Giuliana Garzone (University of Milan, Italy), Maurizio Gotti (University of Bergamo, Italy), Jagdish Gundara (University of London, U.K), Cornelia Ilie (Örebro University, Sweden), Mikael Luciak (University of Vienna, Austria), Roberto Marafioti (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina), Agostino Portera (University of Verona, Italy), Shi-xu (Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China)



Languages of the symposium: English,  French, German, Italian, Spanish