The Centre for Research and Innovation in Linguistic Education - CIEL

    The Department of Foreign Languages of the University of Alba Iulia

DialogForum: Cross-cultural dialogue in a pragmatic and rhetorical perspective

are organising

the 1st International Conference on Linguistic and Intercultural Education

Alba Iulia 2008, 27 - 29 November

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    Surname:   Ionescu
    First name:   Vasile
    Affiliation:   University of Alba Iulia
    Mailing Address:   11  Aurel Vlaicu Str., Alba Iulia, Romania
    Telephone no / Fax no:   Tel. 0040-258811512 /  Fax: 0040-258812630
    Title of paper:  
    Co - Authors:   Vasilescu Tudor, Vasilescu Ioana

                 Theoretical/methodological frameworks:


                  Applied/Empirical approaches:

    Abstract:   Maximum 300 words
    Key words:  
    Equipment needed: