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Annex 1

1. Universitatea din Bacău
2. Universitatea „Politehnica" din Bucureşti
3. Universitatea din Bucureşti
4. Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918" din Alba Iulia
5. Universitatea „Transilvania" din Braşov
6. Universitatea „Babeş-Bolyai" din Cluj-Napoca
7. Universitatea „Ovidius" din Constanţa
8. Universitatea din Craiova
9. Universitatea „Dunărea de Jos" din Galaţi
10. Universitatea „Alexandru Ioan Cuza" din Iaşi
11. Universitatea din Oradea
12. Universitatea din Piteşti
13. Universitatea Petrol-Gaze din Ploieşti
14. Universitatea „Lucian Blaga" din Sibiu
15. Universitatea „Ştefan cel Mare" din Suceava
16. Universitatea de Vest din Timişoara
17. Universitatea „Valahia" din Târgovişte
18. Universitatea „Constantin Brâncuşi" din Târgu-Jiu
19. Universitatea Tehnică din Cluj - Napoca 


Admission requirements for non-EU students

According to the new Order of the Minister of National Education on amending and completing Order of Minister of Education, Research, Youth and Sport no. 6000/15.10.2012 on approving "Methodology of admitting foreign citizens from EU third countries for studies and schooling in accredited state and private educational institutions from Romania", the candidates will send their files directly to the chosen accredited high education institutions, which will analyse them and send to the Ministry of National Education a list of persons that are nominated to receive the Letter of Acceptance to Studies. The Ministry of National Education will issue the Letter of Acceptance to Studies and send it to the high education institutions.



Under the provisions of the same Order, the candidates from non-EU countries can be accepted in the Romanian education system if they:

a) have documents proving the citizenship of the respective state;

b) have study documents issued by education institutions acknowledged in the country of origin;

c) submit their file within the deadline stipulated in the Methodology;

d) chose an accredited state or private education institution and an accredited specialization/program.

e) have the approval of the education unit/institution where they want to study.

The registration file will include the specific documents mentioned in the Methodology. Documents must be accompanied by legally certified translations in Romanian or in a language of international circulation (French or English), certified for authentication by the Embassy of Romania to the issuer country or endorsed with apostille of Hague, if the previous studies were not completed in Romania, in a European Union country or in accordance with the legal assistance agreements signed between Romania and third countries.

The complete file will be sent to the chosen University, which will inform the Ministry of National Education.

The staff of foreign official representatives - embassies, consular offices, economic agencies, international organizations and organisms - and their family members can be accepted in the Romanian higher educational system, without paying the tuition fee if they will present a document of bilateral agreement confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

International students have to prove good knowledge of the teaching language (Romanian, English, French or German).

For all international students who wish to study in Romanian language, a preparatory year can be attended. The candidates who speak Romanian can skip the preparatory year after having passed a test of Romanian language. The candidates who can formally prove that they have studied in Romanian for at least four years consecutively, do not need to pass the Romanian language test nor to attend the preparatory year.

Foreign students who have begun to study in their home country or in another country can complete their studies in Romania. This possibility depends on each individual case, after the recognition and equivalence of diplomas.


Tuition fees


Undergraduate and Master programmes


Ph.D. programme

2,970 Euro/academic year

4,000 Euro/academic year

Other administrative fees:

The fee for processing the application file: 40 Euro.


Tuition fees and other administrative fees will be transferred into the following bank account:



IBAN:                  RO 96 RNCB 000 303 778 355 0004

BENEFICIARY:  UNIVERSITATEA "1 Decembrie 1918" din Alba Iulia

FISCAL CODE:   5665935



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