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Admission requirements for EU students


Citizens from EU, European Economic Space (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and Switzerland who apply for admission in the Romanian educational system have to meet the same conditions as the Romanian citizens and they have the same tuition fees as the Romanian students.

In order to obtain the recognition of the studies, European candidates must send to the chosen university the following documents:

●Filled application form

●Certified copy of the Baccalaureate diploma

●Certified copy of the university diploma and academic transcript ( for master or PhD)

●Personal Identification Document: Passport (copies of pages 1,2,3,4)/identity card .

These documents have to be accompanied by legally certified translations in an international circulation language (English or French), certified for authentication with the Apostille of Hague.

The certificate recognizing the studies will be issued by the National Centre for Equivalence and Recognition of Diplomas (CNERD). The institution will send the certificate to the university within 15 days.

The fee for the recognition of study documents is 50 RON and can be paid either by bank transfer or postal order. The following account should be mentioned:

Transfer data:

Beneficiary: The Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports

Fiscal Code: 13729380

Bank: DTCPMB - Directia de Trezorerie si Contabilitate Publica a Municipiului Bucuresti

Iban Code: RO27TREZ7005003XXX000069


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